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Laser Device Subscriptions
Laser Device Subscriptions







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providing flexible and professional laser solutions

Established in Australia in 2007, and now in the UK, Laseraid is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for aesthetic laser devices and support services for independent clinics across the UK.

We are more than just a supplier of best-selling laser devices. We work with you to grow your clinic to its full potential.

We do this by providing you with affordable access to preowned and refurbished premium devices, plus all the support services you need including training, technical support and day-to-day supplies – so you can take your clinic and your clients to the next level of treatment, every time.

The range of equipment we offer covers Laser Hair Removal, Skin rejuvenation, Cryolipolysis (fat freezing), Tattoo removal, Body contouring, and facial devices together with a complete list of day-to-day consumable products. Laseraid is the one-stop-shop for the beauty and aesthetics industry.

1000 Devices

New Device

Préime DermaFacial

The world’s most advanced aesthetic facial device.

Introducing the revolutionary Préime DermaFacial, a pioneering combination therapy offering five powerful technologies (AquaB, VibroX, Collagen+, MicroT and UltraB) – capable of delivering truly bespoke treatment with limitless boundaries. The Préime DermaFacial has been designed as the ultimate tool for skincare experts to provide proven and consistent results for their clients.

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Préime dermafacial device

SylfirmX Microneedling

Dual-wave technology.

the ultimate radiofrequency micro-needling system. By combining sophisticated radio wave frequencies, the SYLFIRM X delivers unmatched results through a variety of skin treatments.

The SYLFIRM X reinvents the micro-needling procedure by using both continuous radio wave and pulsed radio wave frequencies during the micro-needling process.

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Featured Laser Devices

Cynosure Elite+

For reliable and easy-to-apply laser treatments.

Cynosure Elite+

The combined Nd:YAG and Alexandrite technology with 755nm and 1064nm wavelengths quickly and effectively treats all skin types while delivering the years of reliable performance for which Cynosure is known.

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Cynosure Elite+
Candela GentleMax Pro

Candela GentleMAX Pro

The go-to device for laser hair removal.

Candela GentleMax Pro

Enhance your practice with the best in laser hair removal technology chosen by practitioners across the UK.

You don’t have to buy multiple lasers to treat multiple targets. The Candela GentleMax Pro, offers the best of both worlds, with 755nm and 1064nm lasers, it’s perfect for the treatment of all skin types (I-VI).

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Your Goals In Mind

Laser Hair Removal

Whether you already own a laser treatment clinic or you aspire to own one, we can help!

We specialise in providing the best equipment, guidance and support no matter who you are or where you want to take your laser treatment business.

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Laser Hair Removal

Our Brands


Cynosure devices help clinics maximise growth and opportunities. While providing patients with the cutting edge treatments they deserve.


Alma Lasers

Alma have been delivering cutting edge energy-based technologies for the past 20 years, focused on delivering breakthrough products.



Candela have established themselves as a leading brand in laser treatment devices, with 50 years of experience within the industry.


Beco Medical

The Beco Medical Group are experts in the development and manufacturing of profitable and safe medical and aesthetic devices.






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