A laser hair removal clinic is much like an orchestra, there must be balance and there must be sufficient levels of service in all areas, be it the customer service you provide personally, or whether the result of your treatment meets your customer’s needs. You can’t have one without the other, but of course you can never have too much of each. To run a successful clinic, you should research ways in which you can always increase customer satisfaction in all areas. Today we will be covering ways in which you can ensure you are choosing the right laser device for your clinic. Whether you are just starting out and want to test the waters, or you are looking to expand your business into a multi-service laser treatment clinic.

Why is Choosing the Right Device So Important?

This might seem like an obvious question, but your device is far more than just a financial investment, it is ultimately what is going to keep your customer coming back for more. Your equipment, apart from your expertise and personality, is the cornerstone of your product offering and if that product does not meet your customers’ needs, they will most likely not return for more. Choosing the right device for your clinic is a multi-layered decision that impacts your business financially, from a product offering standpoint and in your ability to scale and grow if and when you choose to.

The difficulty when starting a laser clinic lies when just starting out, when you are unsure of the market which surrounds you and which area would be most profitable to go into. Thankfully a lot of the more modern laser devices are multi-purpose, meaning you will be able to delve into more than one niche of laser treatment.

Considering Growth

This is a tricky one but should be considered even if you’re just starting out. This might seem over-ambitious right at the start, but the ultimate goal of your clinic is to grow, so setting yourself up for maximum growth at the start will give you the best chance of doing so later down the line. There are two main ways to grow:

  1. Treating more customers using the same equipment.
  2. Purchasing an additional laser hair removal device and treating more customers simultaneously.

The choice is yours, and it is completely personal to you, but in order to reap the maximum reward for your choice you should consider the following. For treating more customers with one piece of equipment it is worth opting for a device which will complete treatments quickly. The most efficient devices will have a high treatment turnover rate and therefore allow you to squeeze as many customers in as possible.

However, if you would rather treat customers simultaneously it might be worth saving some money by getting a slower device to allow you to invest in an additional laser device when you feel like the extra equipment will be of a benefit. The major benefit of planning to have more equipment for your clinic comes from the initial investment being lower due to a less expensive laser device (which is ideal for start-up businesses), and you will also have control over when you invest more money into the additional device.

The best way to measure how quickly a device will complete a treatment is the power rating of the device which is measured in gigahertz (GHz), this relates to the speed at which your device operates. Simply put, cheaper devices will most often have a lower GHz, and more expensive ones will be higher and as a result will be able to treat more customers, faster.

To get an idea of how much income your clinic will be seeing it is just a case of a little bit of maths. You should work out how many treatments you need to complete per day to meet your financial expectations.


Considering the products you will be selling i.e. the services you are offering your customer will have a huge impact on the amount of business you see. If you offer you customer a broad range of products and services, you will most likely see a larger customer base and therefore have the potential to treat more customers if you have the capacity to do so.

It might seem like an obvious decision to offer as many treatments as possible, however there are benefits of just offering one service at your clinic as well. Being specific to one type of treatment could mean your clinic develops a reputation for providing excellent service in that area and therefore attract customers from further afield to experience your treatment.

Consider the space required for expansion into other areas of treatment if you don’t choose to do this from the start and allocate your budget accordingly. Are you going to offer laser hair removal as a standalone product, or introduce additional skincare treatments such as microdermabrasion, LED, facials etc? You will often find modern laser devices will be able to provide more than one type of laser treatment.


­Financial limitations are one of the biggest restricting factors when it comes to starting and growing any business. There is a fine balance between the amount you invest and the reward you will reap. Investing too much money too early on in your company’s life could mean money is wasted – which could be disastrous in a young business. Whereas not investing enough money could starve your business and limit the rate at which it grows.

When it comes to equipment, our customers are far more educated than they used to be, and because of this, they often have expectations around the equipment you are using. For this reason, it is always advised to go with trusted laser device brands such as Candela, Lynton, Cynosure, or Alma.

When buying a new laser device for a start-up company the most common practise is to take a out a bank loan in order to cover the cost of the device, however with this comes restriction. If the device no longer meets your business needs, you are usually unable to go back and change the device without paying off the one you already have on loan. This is where Laseraid can help.

We offer small businesses the opportunity to rent devices directly off of us. With this rental scheme you are able to upgrade your equipment whenever you like so your laser devices will always meet your business needs. Our rental prices are calculated at a set weekly cost with servicing included in the contract, resulting in less downtime and more profit for you and your business. Just get in touch with us for more information.