The laser tattoo removal industry is a fast-growing area of laser device usage. This comes hand in hand with the massive increased in people getting tattoos over the past few decades. With a high number of tattoos there unfortunately comes a greater number of regrets – which of course calls for tattoo removal services.

Tattoos have been widely regarded as ‘permanent’ features until more recent times. Technology has now allowed for effective removal of tattoos which are no longer relevant or wanted. Accurate tattoo removal devices give people the option to change just small parts of their body art, or opt to totally erase the piece completely.

Today we are going to take a look at what it takes to start a tattoo removal business to allow you to take advantage of this rapidly growing industry by providing excellent service to your customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

laser tattoo removal

Know Your Tattoo Removal Device

Getting the right machine for your business is vital, it is going to be the thing which physically delivers the service to your customers. Having the right tattoo removal device can often be the difference between the success, or the failure of your clinic.

Researching a range of devices thoroughly before committing to one will help ensure the one you choose meets all of the criteria you need. You’re sure to come across words like Q-switching, Wavelengths and Picoseconds, so make sure you’re up to date with the latest laser tattoo removal device terms. The effectiveness of a tattoo removal device is scientifically based, meaning all of the different numbers and ratings will result in different real-world results.

The treatment speed of your laser device will mainly come down to the pulse rate of your device – faster pulses mean a faster treatment time… simple right?

Looking For A Laser For Your Tattoo Removal Clinic?

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The type of tattoo your device is best able to removal will be affected largely by the wavelength of the device. For example, 1064nm wavelengths work well for black ink, whereas you will find coloured tattoos are best treated with a different wavelength.

Modern technology has meant there is now a crossover between some types of professional laser hair removal machine and laser tattoo removal devices. However, you should always ensure the laser device you are choosing is built for your intended use (I.e. don’t use a professional laser hair removal device for tattoo removal or vice versa unless it is stated this can be done). The pulse rates and wavelengths are only a very small part of the difference between them, so even if they appear the same, they are not, unless specifically stated.

You should choose your device based on the treatment you want to provide to your customer, the number of treatments you aim to complete per day and of course choose a machine which fits your budget.


Choose Your Location

As laser tattoo removal clinic first began to make an appearance it could be argued the location they were based in was not as important as place like beauticians or waxing salons. While this may still be true, there is most definitely a rise in the competition due to the demand for these types of clinics. So, taking time to think about where your business would be most successful is a must. People may be happier to travel further in order to have a tattoo removed, but if there are closer alternatives you might experience a loss in customers which is always best avoided.

Laser tattoo removal clinics are unique in the way they do not require a great deal of space, therefore reducing your location buying or rental costs. Try to look for more central locations which are easily accessible by car and public transport to allow for maximum customer access. Locations with plenty of parking will help your business be more attractive to those who don’t live quite so close by.

Remember to refer back to your device before choosing a spot – there may be minimum power requirements which your location must be able to provide.

Know Your Market

Applying a proper business model and marketing plan from day one can help save a lot of time as your business finds its legs, and saving time of course equals more profits. Getting your business name out there is one of the most important things for a new business to do. Using social media has become one of the most effective ways of doing this, so make sure you remain active on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, while taking advantage of their advertising features. It is also a great idea to give your customers an incentive to come, this could be a grand opening special, a referral programme, anything to give the customer a reason to choose your clinic over your competitions.

The health and wellness industry is a multibillion-dollar opportunity, and is set to grow long into the future. Taking a leap of faith and starting a laser tattoo removal business is something that you will not regret capitalising on in the future! For more information, contact us here.