In the laser clinic industry customer service can make or break your business. With treatment requiring a one-on-one interaction with your customers, the way you come across to them will make a big impression – so let’s make sure it is a good one. Today we are ignoring laser equipment and laser treatment types, but instead we are going to focus solely on YOU! So, join us on exploring the ways you can give your customers a 10/10 experience in your clinic through consistently outstanding customer service.

In our industry the customer is key, so investing in their experience can have a huge impact on the long-term success of your clinic. Your customer should always be your number one priority, making a small sacrifice to make life easier for them or to improve their time with you can work wonders later down the road. Customer service is crucial to creating a sense of loyalty to your business, and with loyalty comes reputation – now we are starting to develop that magical formula for success.

Customer Service

What Does Great Customer Service Mean?

Customer service is difficult to quantify, there is no single set of instructions to follow. But this is perhaps what makes the difference between the ‘good’ and the ‘great’. To provide truly great customer service we aren’t looking to just meet the expectations of customers, instead you need to exceed them – and it doesn’t take much!

  • Valuing your customer from the moment they walk through the door of your clinic, and long into the future (…remember, just because a customer leaves your laser clinic doesn’t mean you can’t still provide excellent customer service!).
  • Have a positive attitude towards everything you do and remain approachable. You want your customer to have an experience in your clinic which could turn their bad day into a good one. It is surprising how your positive attitude can rub off on someone leave them feeling so much better about their day.
  • Be knowledgeable. Showing you know your stuff can not only be a big confidence boost for your customers, but it can also help them both during and after their laser treatment. Giving them tips on aftercare or other useful information will leave them feeling as though they are genuinely cared for, and that they have seen a professional.

Know Your Product

Knowing the products and equipment you have in your laser clinic goes a very long way when it comes to customer service. Having confidence in the services you provide enable you to deliver treatment in a positive way, which inspires your customer and builds confidence from the get-go.

Your customers will most likely have questions about the equipment you use and how it works, so being in a position where you can confidently discuss the details is a great way to build the trust between you and your customer. This of course goes a lot further than customer experience as it will also give you more confident in the laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal equipment you use – including troubleshooting.

Being able to provide insightful knowledge about the service you offer can also benefit the expansion of services any one customer chooses to undergo. Perhaps you are providing laser hair removal treatment to someone, giving them more knowledge of other areas of treatment such as laser skin care may motivate them to give it a try.

Laser treatment on leg

The Power of Positivity

We think you will agree with us in saying one of the first things that springs to mind when you say ‘customer service’ is a smiley and positive attitude. Now of course you don’t want to have to go about your day forcing yourself to smile, but remaining positive about each and every one of your treatments will naturally bring a happier feel to your clinic.

We read a great article on how a positive attitude transform your business, titled “The Importance of a Positive Attitude in Customer Service”  – this is an excerpt that really stuck with us:

“A positive attitude in customer service means happy customers, which in turn means success for the company. Everyone wants to work and remain associated with a successful company – the overall work environment would be a lot happier, energized, and everyone would want to contribute to make it even better.”

The great thing about positivity is how infectious it is! A bad customer service experience can easily turn into a great one when you deal with it with a positive attitude. Your positivity shows you are confident you and your clinic have the potential to deliver success to every customer you have, no matter what. It will also help your colleagues to develop their own positive attitude and grow their passion for your clinics success.

Innovative Problem Solving

When running a laser treatment clinic, it is inevitable that you will come across problems in some form or another. But it is how we deal with these mishaps that leave a lasting impression with our customers. It is very surprising that even when a customer has a bad experience, they usually take more notice of how it is dealt with than the problem itself.

Often, problem solving is dependant on the circumstance surrounding the issue, and you won’t (or should we say – shouldn’t) have an issue that often reoccurs. This means that when you are dealing with an issue it could be the first time you have come across it, so always try to use a little creativity.

Going that extra mile to resolve problems that your customer has will not only fix the problem at hand, but will show you have a genuine interest in your customers satisfaction – inevitably this will leave your customer feeling cared for. Solving problems successfully and going above and beyond will help secure loyal customers for your clinic as they feel there is a guarantee that comes with their treatments with you.

Laser treatment on arm

Though a lot of your interactions with customers will be in your clinic, you may find yourself talking to a customer about a bad experience through email or messaging. Though this is a great way to deal with issues efficiently, text can sometimes be misinterpreted. If you feel the conversation going sour don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to your customer. Not only does this show your willingness to tackle their problem, but it will also give them an opportunity to clearly state the issue they are having and gives you an equal opportunity to make it right once again.  

Customer service makes up a massive element of running your own laser clinic, so taking some time to develop your customer service skills will go a long way in the success of your clinic. Being positive about your clinic and believing in the services you offer to your customers will convey your desire to deliver outstanding service during each and every treatment session.