If you have great people skills, are motivated, and want to enter a fast-growing, exciting industry then a career in laser and aesthetics could be exactly what you’re looking for. Working in the laser and aesthetics industry can be one of the most rewarding careers, which can benefit both you and your customers directly. So, read on to find out whether starting a laser clinic could be something for you.

Laser and aesthetics is one of the fastest-growing modern industries, with the demand for professional treatment growing exponentially over recent years. We understand that even when entering a stable industry, it can still be daunting when you’re going it alone. Here are some of our top tips on what you’ll need when starting your own laser treatment clinic.

Starting a laser clinic


There is always one treatment that springs to mind when ‘aesthetic laser’ is mentioned, and that is laser hair removal treatment. And there is a good reason for this – it is the most successful and popular treatment. Laser hair removal is one of the simplest treatments you can provide, which is great when you’re just starting out for a few reasons:

  1. Predictable Treatment Times – With straightforward treatments it is far easier to determine the timeframe of each treatment. This allows you to schedule each treatment accurately, which is vital when you’re just getting a feel for things.
  2.  Learning – Learning how to complete a successful laser hair removal treatment can be easy with the correct training. This means you can start providing treatments faster than other, more complex laser treatments.
  3. Setting The Bar – Laser hair removal is a popular treatment type amongst both men and women with a large audience to target. When you start by providing this service you will be able to judge the potential of your new clinic and decide whether it would be beneficial to start offering other treatments as well.

As your laser clinic client base grows in size it is a good idea to implement and test new treatments for your clinic. Your loyal customers will likely try the new treatments on offer, as well as the new laser treatments attracting new customers. The laser and aesthetics industry is made up of a huge variety of treatment types from tattoo removal to fat freezing. Consider handing out surveys or asking your customers what treatments they would like to see to find the most profitable ones for your clinic. For more information check out our recommended treatment information.   


Choosing the right device when starting out in the laser and aesthetics industry is going to be a big decision. Generally, your laser device will be the biggest financial outgoing – but choosing the right device will get you some great returns on this investment.

We offer a subscription service which is a great option for new clinics as it removes all of the stress associated with machine ownership, includes full machine training, and allows your clinic the flexibility it will need to grow quickly – all for a fixed monthly cost.

More information on choosing the right laser device.

Clinic chairs


Laser devices are highly specialised pieces of kit, with the capability of being dangerous if operated incorrectly. This means you will only be able to deliver treatments when either you or one of your employees is capable of using a machine correctly and safely.

Luckily there are plenty of highly qualified laser technicians looking for employment. So offering your employees a position that can’t be refused is a great way to get the very best people to work at your clinic. With high expertise comes high levels of trust from your customers, which in turn will give your clinic a fantastic reputation – something that goes a long way in the laser and aesthetics industry.


The physical location of your clinic can have a big impact on the success of your clinic, but once you’ve settled into your clinic how do you use the location to your advantage? Getting the word out about your clinic is a great way of marketing your business and gaining trust at the same time.

Think of the barista at your local coffee shop, baristas are well known for being friendly and showing a genuine interest in their customers’ lives – not just on a business level. This generates a certain level of trust and loyalty as a friendship develops. You should try and generate the same bond with your customers and the people in your local area. Getting your name out there at local events and always approaching people with a friendly attitude can help develop relationships with new and existing customers.

Treatment on man

To Summarise

It is a great time to get into the laser and aesthetics industry, with the demand for treatment growing year on year. With the right approach, it is very possible to generate a highly profitable business through delivering laser treatments. We offer a variety of services that are designed specifically for newly established laser clinics, to help them grow in the most effective way possible. For more information on how we can help you start or grow your laser treatment clinic get in touch with us today!