Becoming a laser hair removal technician, owning your own laser hair removal clinic is an exciting and fruitful career choice. This increasingly popular industry is flooded with clients and endless opportunities for growth and development. Laser hair removal devices represent years of research and contain some of the most cutting-edge aesthetic equipment available, so appropriate training is a must.

Device Training

Laser hair removal technicians use laser and intense pulse light (IPL) devices to safely and effectively remove unwanted body hair from clients. Using these powerful machines gives a laser technician the ability to provide life-changing results to any one of their clients. Being a highly specialised area of the beauty industry, laser device training is thorough. Successful completion of laser device training courses will give the newly qualified laser technician a highly regarded qualification that can be used all over the world.

Device Training

What Does it Take To Be a Laser Technician?

To operate professional-grade laser hair removal equipment, you must be fully qualified with a recognised certificate of competence. Throughout the entire professional aesthetics industry technicians take a huge amount of pride in their work to improve the lives of their clients – professional laser hair removal is no exception.

Laser hair removal technicians must be highly self-motivated, making on-the-spot decisions as to how the treatment should be carried out most effectively. Every client that walks through the door will have different requirements. The technician must use their knowledge of their equipment and hair removal techniques to provide their client with the fantastic results they deserve.

What Does a Laser Hair Removal Technician Do?

The varied role of a laser hair removal technician involves a range of different responsibilities, from the initial consultation right through to providing treatments. A laser hair removal technician must fully understand their client’s skin type, the treatment the client is looking for, the client’s medical history, and their health habits, to decide how to best approach treatment to achieve optimum results.

It is then the laser hair removal technician’s role to carry out the intended laser treatment. The laser hair removal technician will use a laser or IPL device to deliver the treatment. This device will need to be set up specifically for each individual client to ensure the most effective treatment is being given.

The technician will also have to act as a source of information and an advisor to the client. Many people who are using professional laser hair removal for the first time may feel worried or embarrassed during their first session – it is the laser hair removal technicians’ job to put them at ease and manage any discomfort they may be experiencing.

Device Training

Do You Have What It Takes?

If you are considering starting your very own laser hair removal clinic, or feel that becoming a laser hair removal technician is the right job for you then we want to hear from you! Laseraid offers a fully comprehensive range of laser hair removal and IPL device training programmes that can be fully tailored to your level of skill and knowledge. Our laser device courses are run by qualified professional instructors with years of experience in the laser hair removal device sector.

Our courses will run through everything you need to begin your journey into the laser hair removal industry. Covering the anatomy and physiology aspects of laser hair removal, device training, and clientele management so you will feel confident when it comes to providing treatment yourself.