High-quality training is the foundation to any successful business, perhaps none more so than in the laser industry. At Laseraid we offer tailored training programmes to suit all abilities and levels of knowledge. Our team of expert trainers will adapt your training to suit you – whether you are completely new to the laser treatment industry, or just looking for a refresher on the latest equipment, we have you covered.

Laser training

We deliver our training program to give you the most up-to-date, comprehensive training on offer to ensure you leave us feeling confident and competent in providing an outstanding level of service to all of your clients.

What Do I Need to Master?

We understand the importance of great training, it can make or break a business – this is why we have broken our training down into three sections. And with our help, we know you can conquer them all!

  1. Theoretical Comprehension
  2. Confident Consultation Skills
  3. Technique Proficiency

Our training will be conveyed in a way to ensure you are proficient in each of the areas above and feel happy to complete treatments on your own. Let’s take a deeper look at each element and what it will entail.

Theoretic Comprehension

Knowledge is everything when it comes to working with lasers and there is plenty to understand when it comes to every aspect of laser usage. We believe the very best technicians have a well-rounded understanding of laser physics, skin anatomy, hair growth cycles, skin typing, safety hazards, and client contraindications. We will work with you during theoretical training to ensure you have an in-depth understanding of the following content:

  • Laser Safety
  • Laser Physics
  • Wavelengths
  • Properties of Different Lasers
  • Laser Light and Tissue Interaction
  • Laser Controls – energy, pulse duration, spot sizes, etc.
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Skin and Hair Colour Analysis
  • Skin Typing Diagnosis
  • Hair Growth Cycles
  • Types of Hair
  • Client Contraindications
  • Treatment Steps and Procedures
  • Potential Side Effects and Management

After your training session, you will walk away with a full understanding of these theoretical fundamentals. This will equip you with the best tools needed for entering the laser treatment industry to make sure you are following the most appropriate practices at all times to provide market-leading treatment outcomes for your clients.

Laser training

Confident Consultation Skills

So now you are confident as to what a laser is and how it works, and have a good understanding of the anatomy of the skin and hair as well as the best practices to follow to achieve excellent results in the safest possible way… But how do you interact with your clients to ensure they feel confident in your ability and your company – we will cover all of this in our confident consultation skills elements.

During this stage of your training you will learn about the following elements:

  • Treatment Run Through and Explanation
  • Contra-indications Analysis
  • Skin Typing Diagnosis in Action
  • Pre-Care Requirements
  • After Care Advice
  • Documentation

Professionalism and confidence inspire trust from your clients and will leave them feeling that they are in safe hands during their treatment. Knowledge plays a massive role in how you are perceived during interactions with your clients – it is very easy to spot someone who knows their stuff… and just as easy to spot someone who doesn’t.

We work to give you the tools you need to deliver a thorough consultation session to your clients, answer any questions they may have, and leave them feeling confident in your ability and safe during their treatment session. Our consultations training will enable you to provide an engaging summary of laser hair removal treatment, and the procedures you intend to carry out to fulfill your clients’ needs. This is an opportunity to instil a set of realistic expectations for your client and demonstrate you are experienced, qualified, and confident in your practice.

Once this stage has been mastered, we will move on to health and contraindications. This is an extremely important element of your training make sure you are only providing treatment to those who it is safe to treat. We will examine medications, external environmental factors, and personal health components that can prevent someone from being an eligible candidate for laser hair removal. We will demonstrate how to capture this information for your waiver of liability and the health of your client, so you are both legally protected during treatments.

Following this will be our skin type diagnosis – another extremely important element to understand in order to deliver safe and effective treatment to your client. This crucial set of skills will allow you to diagnose the skin type of your client via observable characteristics, lifestyle habits, ethnicity, and skin responses to various stimuli. Coupling this information with knowledge from the theoretical elements of your training will enable you to choose the most appropriate course of action when it comes to treatment.

And finally, we will cover the information you should provide to your clients about the pre and post-treatment care they will need to undertake. This will give you the knowledge required to guarantee your clients are suitably informed to prepare for their treatment and also take the right measures to prevent any post-treatment side effects.

We will provide you with detailed information to assist you with the development of your liability waiver, skin type details and characteristics, contraindications analysis, and client pre and post-care requirements.

Laser training

Technique Proficiency

We are a firm believer that to truly understand something you have to give it a go yourself! During the final stage of your training, we will combine all of the previously learned elements of your training into life-like scenarios. One of our expert trainers will run you through the practical applications of your new knowledge as if you were completing treatment procedures in real life. This important training stage allows you to brush up on any elements you are not confident with and gives you a chance to ask questions about anything you have learned.

We have access to market-leading equipment from big brands including Cynosure, Alma, and, Candela, meaning you will have practical experience on some of the best laser devices available. During the technique proficiency element of your training we will cover:

  • Treatment Procedure
  • Equipment Inspection, Preparation, and Maintenance
  • Treatment Guidelines and Laser Settings
  • Client Preparation
  • Test Patching
  • Clinical End Point

After completing the final stages of your training, you will be equipped with the knowledge and experience required to deliver world-leading laser treatment to your clients confidently and safely. This invaluable knowledge will mean you have everything it takes to step into any clinic or set up your own clinic with the practical tools to apply to any laser device.

To learn about the best training options for you get in touch with us and one of our team members will assist you in choosing the right path!