A Peterborough husband and wife team have invested £30,000 in opening their new clinic and securing a rental agreement with Laseraid to equip it with the latest in aesthetic laser technology.

Kerry Hutson has offered aesthetic laser treatments for over four years and has recently been joined in the business by her husband Sergio, relaunching their business as Skiin Laser Clinic.

“Over the last four years I’ve experienced the growing demand for aesthetic laser treatments in the UK firsthand and this felt like the perfect time to both expand the business and bring my husband Sergio into the business,” explains Kerry.

The duo has secured a subscription agreement with Laseraid for the latest, state-of-the-art Helios III laser treatment system. This allows the team at Skiin Laser Clinic to offer tattoo removal, permanent make-up removal, hair removal, and many other skin treatments.

“Laseraid’s affordable subscription service has enabled our clinic to offer medical-graded and industry-leading technology so our clients can receive the best results in the fewest amount of sessions. With our ambition to be the only specialist laser clinic in Peterborough, working with Laseraid makes perfect sense as they can support us with the latest machines as we grow,” said Kerry.

Sergio adds: “Kerry and I have been able to access comprehensive training from Laseraid on the equipment and I’ll soon be certified in permanent make-up removal, completing my career change from account manager to laser specialist in the family business

“The aftercare we’ve received from Laseraid has been second-to-none. We can’t fault their customer service.”

Laseraid CEO Tom Acland adds: “We are committed to offering fully comprehensive training on all of our laser equipment to our customers and it’s great to see how this has helped Sergio to join Kerry in the business. Kerry and Sergio’s flourishing business, built over four years and now expanding, demonstrates the opportunities within this growing industry. We’re proud to offer flexible finance options that help ambitious clinicians expand their businesses with the latest laser technology.”

In recent years, the use of lasers by clinics, doctors, and dermatology specialists has boomed as technology has become available to assist with a wide range of treatments including laser hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, fat freezing, body contouring, and facial treatments.

In response to this demand, Laseraid, a market leader in aesthetic laser provision in Australia, has brought its services to the UK. It provides state-of-the-art, premium branded aesthetic laser equipment, including an all-inclusive subscription model or sales options, as well as training and dependable servicing to clinic owners and operators nationwide.