Falkirk’s Alpha Leisure Tanning and Beauty Salon has signed a servicing agreement with Laseraid having had one of its laser machines repaired by the company when the manufacturer failed to do so. The agreement will see Laseraid supporting the clinic with its laser devices going forward.

Falkirk team

Over 20 years ago, Alpha Leisure Tanning and Beauty Salon became one of the first in Scotland to off­er laser hair removal. It found itself struggling when the manufacturer of its two Ellipse machines was acquired by another company which then declined to service the machines due to their age.

Established by Billy Kerr in 1983 as a tanning salon, Alpha Leisure has a nine-strong team off­ering laser hair removal, body treatments, and facials as well as tanning. Headed up by industry veteran Pauline Winchester, the clinic’s laser hair removal services now account for 80 percent of its business.

Owner of Alpha Leisure Billy Kerr, who has run his own business for 40 years, explains: “We were disappointed to hear from the new owners of Ellipse that they wouldn’t honour our service agreement and, unfortunately, the handset broke on one of our machines meaning it was out of action. Having the machine down for around 10 months had a huge impact on our business. With a database of over 11,000 customers, we need to ensure both of our machines are in full working order to meet demand.”

In his search for a solution, Billy was referred to Laseraid as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for aesthetic laser devices, offering support services for independent clinics across the UK. Thanks to Laseraid’s manufacturer-trained laser engineers, the handpiece was quickly repaired and the device was working again.

“We’ve had first-class service from Laseraid from the start. One of their engineers has come to our salon a few times and the service team has certainly gone out of their way to support us. I’m able to send a handpiece to them to be fixed and get it back the next day. Never before have I had such good service from a company in the industry!

“Laseraid have also provided manufacturer training which was brilliant. We’re also planning to turn to Laseraid’s subscription service to rent a laser for tattoo removal in the future– there’s no doubt that it’s a great option for us.”

CEO of Laseraid International Tom Acland adds: “Billy’s story encapsulates what Laseraid is all about. While the laser industry is booming, it needs quality support to keep machines in service as any downtime will impact both on the reputation and revenue of clinics. By recruiting experienced industry engineers, we have proved able to support laser clinic professionals on an ad hoc or ongoing basis. We’ve also developed flexible options for clinics that want to expand the range of treatments they off­er.