One of the most important responsibilities of running a laser clinic is to keep your clients satisfied. Whether that be through offering high-end level services or premium laser devices for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes, owning a laser clinic is a substantial investment made easier through a Laseraid Subscription, however. While there are many things you need to keep track of, maintaining your equipment is a crucial part of your laser clinic’s longevity.

Laser device maintenance will not only keep your clients and machine safe and secure, it will actually save you money down the road. By ensuring proper maintenance, you will avoid damage and disruption to your laser and guarantee successful treatments for your clients. Moreover, it will help prevent your business from potentially being sued for commercial damages.

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Risks of an inadequately cared for laser device

Unsurprisingly proper maintenance is needed to operate your laser hair device safely and efficiently, just like any other device. Otherwise, you will be in danger of a malfunction of your device during treatment which can cause an undesired outcome by faulty delivery of your laser to your client’s skin and added downtime whilst the device is repaired.

The most dangerous risks of all concern your client’s health, however. Laser malfunction could possibly harm your client’s eyes, skin, and equipment users. Harmful accidents caused by clinics could not only damage your business but also cause you legal issues. Not just bodily accidents can get in the way of a safe treatment but laser failure can also ignite gases on fabrics, causing a fire hazard or producing smoke.

Any of the above-mentioned reasons are frightening as well as bad for business. Besides being an unsafe workplace by being put at risk of potential injury by device malfunction, your clients do not want to come out of their treatment with an injury instead of their desired results. In order to prevent injuries and client dissatisfaction, regular laser device maintenance will be worth your investment.

Essential laser device maintenance

Laser devices are not that different from any other device and neither is their basic maintenance. Starting off with some of the more obvious ones like visual inspection and cleanliness. Regular inspection of your laser devices to check for anything unusual as well as keeping your device clean and free of dirt and debris will minimise disruption of your device. As debris and dust prevent your laser device from properly cooling potentially leading to component and electrical damage, it is recommended to check dust filters on a regular basis and replace them if needed. Additionally, you must make sure the handpiece and slider windows are clean.

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Before using your laser equipment, the cooling system requires daily checks to prevent overheating. To make sure your device works as intended with the correct precision, your laser devices will need to be calibrated and aligned. Furthermore, it is crucial to frequently check your device’s energy output before and after usage.

Laser devices that operate with a cooling system such as cryogen, need regular maintenance to check that the coolant is centered and covering the laser beam. If not, this might affect the precision and quality of the beam.

Similarly, optical components, especially the lens, will need frequent inspection because even tiny specks of dirt covering the lens will cause your laser device to stop working accurately. If you find yourself with dirty or damaged lenses, it is crucial to clean or replace them immediately. Regular inspection is best done in a clean environment to reduce the risk of additional damage.

A few final tips to maximise your device’s longevity: always be careful while using the device and should you notice unfamiliar noise or smoking coming from your laser, stop using it immediately. And finally, be sure to familiarise yourself with Laseraid’s emergency and maintenance phone numbers in case your device becomes damaged or ceases to work properly.

Laseraid’s maintenance services

While committing to the above-mentioned basic laser device maintenance will ensure the longevity of your devices, it is still crucial to treat your lasers with regular professional maintenance services.

Device servicing

Whether it’s a minor issue that can be solved over the phone or something more serious that requires a visit to your clinic, find out more about all servicing options Laseraid offers to your clinic. Depending on the type of laser your clinic offers, regular maintenance visits will vary, for more information about your specific laser device get in touch.

Laiseraid’s support offers you a stress-free solution to keep your clients satisfied and save your clinic from loss in revenue and reputation.