Whether you already own a laser clinic or are just starting your business, attracting clients will be on top of your to-do list. While advertising might have been relatively straightforward a few decades ago, nowadays there is a lot to consider when trying to make a good impression on new potential clients. The internet offers a lot of advice on marketing and how to attract new clients, which can get confusing and overwhelming at times. This is why we will outline the most important strategies for selling your treatment services and attracting more clients.

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The power of social media

This is hardly a secret anymore, but social media offers various opportunities for you to not only tell but advertise your story, making it a very powerful tool. There are more and more businesses every day, making it continuously harder to stand out among them.

A great way to make a lasting impression on your social media is to show your clinic in a personal way. Especially within the laser treatment industry, imagery and ads can get very repetitive. Making sure your clinic’s social media lets possible clients know why your clinic is unique and they should get a treatment done by you and not your competitors, will be your number one priority. While pretty photos can and should be used, remember to include educational facts, specific treatments that are offered by you and the occasional picture of you and your team at work so people have the chance to put a face to the name.

Talking about repetitiveness, your clinic’s social media shouldn’t look like the spitting image of that of your competitors. You might assume that your competition has got it all figured out and that by copying them and their style, you’ll have as much success as them. Quite the contrary, by copying your competitors, you’re once again fading into the background instead of standing out. Whereas if you draw attention to your business by being different and showing a more personal side, you’re creating the opportunity to attract new customers. Advertising unique treatments, special offers and different target areas in outstanding design will help your clinic stand out.

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Important information to share with your clients

There is lots of information to share with your clients on your social media as well as your website. Here are 4 key elements to focus on when you’re trying to attract new clients: safety, effectiveness, time and pain.

While the right amount of information about your laser device will reassure potential clients and put their minds at rest, too much will likely cause them to feel overwhelmed and lose interest. Therefore, a simple statement about what kind of laser devices you work with and how it ensures maximal results while keeping possible damage at bay will suffice.

Potential clients will want to know if your treatments deliver on their promises. Providing authentic before and after treatment results of real customers along with genuine testimonials will demonstrate the treatment’s effectiveness while strengthening clients’ trust.

These days most people value their time even more and therefore choose what to spend it on carefully. Make sure to include details of treatment times not only on your website, but also on your social media to let customers know what to expect.

The fear of pain might discourage some people from getting laser treatment done. Laser devices have substantially advanced, with some now including additions such as cooling mechanisms providing improved comfort and healing of the treated skin. While customers shouldn’t feel any pain during treatments, a slight warming sensation can occur. Including explanatory videos about offered treatments and used equipment as well as sharing testimonials from previous customers on your website should help ease clients’ worries.

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Exciting news

You might find yourself with some new ideas for your clinic; a new treatment, staff members specialising in a new specific area or introducing extended opening hours. Keeping your customers in the loop about any news on social media as well as your website can be a powerful tool not only to inform but to promote special prices. Maybe you have some time slots during the week that rarely get booked, why not offer it at a reduced price and get some new clients to try out your treatment. Additionally, offering new treatments at a lower price in exchange for a review from your clients will allow you to see how the treatment performs and how to schedule it in the future.

Keeping an adaptive mindset

One of the most important parts of your advertising has to be staying on top of trends. Consumer demand will shift continuously and new methods of advertising your clinic will arise. While some changes, like the impact social media can have on your business, are quite obvious, some might be hard to pin down. If you want to see your business grow and attract new clients for your clinic, you’ll have to know which trends to look out for to help you reach your target audience.

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