If you’re in the laser business and have your own clinic, you’ll be familiar with different types of laser hair removal devices and their handling. However, you might not have a Q-switched laser yet and are wondering what sets them apart from other laser devices. A Q-Switched laser operates in a non-invasive, highly effective way, to ensure maximum results for a variety of treatments, the most popular of which is tattoo removal. This article will tell you more about Q-Switched lasers and what kind of treatment options they can add to your clinic through a Laseraid Subscription.

What is a Q-Switched laser?

The type of pulse produced by the laser gives it the name quality-switch or “Q-Switch”. While a regular laser hair removal device produces a continuous laser beam, a Q-Switched laser creates high-intensity pulsed beam light. These laser beam pulses last mere billionths of a second and the energy emitted in this very short time is concentrated into very powerful pulses.

These short and powerful pulses have two main advantages. Firstly, since the pulses are so brief, the energy penetrating the skin doesn’t harm surrounding tissue and is solely focused on heating up and shattering the ink. This enables a Q-Switched laser to effectively remove tattoos amongst other things without damaging side effects.

Second, while other aesthetic lasers usually don’t have enough capability to break down tiny fragments of ink, a Q-Switched laser is powerful enough to not only shatter tattoo ink within the skin but also kill fungus and stimulate collagen for example.

Helios III

Laseraid offers you and your clinic the Helios III, which is the most reliable Q-Switched Nd:YAG available to clinicians. While it is possible to treat a variety of different issues due to the laser’s dual wavelengths at 1064nm and 532nm, customising client’s treatments is truly easier than ever with the five different modes of operation available. Additionally, the Helios III can be safely used over prolonged periods of time without energy loss or beam distortion.

Compared to other laser devices, the Helios III offers not just two modes at a single wavelength but four modes at two wavelengths to efficiently treat pigment settled at a variety of depths. This 4G toning is achieved by four different handpieces and can be easily adjusted, regardless of the required size of the treatment area or the laser’s wavelength.

With Laseraid you have the opportunity to expand your clinic menu and offer your clients more attractive treatments. As an excellent subscription option, our Helios III devices will provide you with the peace of mind of delivering high-quality treatments and achieving great results for your clients.

Looking For A New Laser For Your Clinic?

Laseraid UK offers the best selection of medical-grade devices for laser clinics. Whether you’re looking to expand your treatments offerings or want to invest in your existing treatments, we have the device to help you get there.


Treatment Options

Q-switched lasers are generally most known for their outstanding ability to remove tattoo pigment. While this alone is certainly a huge add-on to your clinic menu, there is even more potential to utilise such a laser device with many other treatment options.

Carbon Facial

A surefire way to elevate your treatment menu is a Carbon Facial, also known as Hollywood Peel or China Doll Laser Facial. A Carbon Facial includes an application of a liquid carbon-based product to the client’s skin, massaged into the pores and left to be absorbed. Any heavy excess product is wiped off after 10 minutes and a pass with the laser on a longer pulse genesis mode is performed (this functionality is only available with certain types of lasers such as the Helios III). The carbon will further settle into the pores and absorb any excess sebum and dirt. After this, a second pass will clear the carbon together with the absorbed dirt and debris out of the pores. This results in smooth and glowing skin. Especially congested and acne-prone skin will significantly benefit from a Carbon Facial.

Carbon Facial Treatment

Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation is the darkening of the skin caused by an increased melanin production in skin cells and can be triggered by various influences such as hormones, sun exposure and genetics. Common pigmented lesions include freckles, age spots, birthmarks or moles. Pigmentation removal treatment can take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the size of the pigmented lesion treated. Q-Switched pulses are directly administered to the entire area of the lesion during treatment. The powerful laser energy is absorbed by the skin cells containing excess melanin, heated up and broken down by the laser pulses while the surrounding skin tissue remains unscathed. During the healing process, the immune system gets rid of the remaining dead skin cells and the skin is left looking brighter and more radiant.


Nail Fungus

A less conventional use for a Q-Switched laser such as the Helios III, is nail fungus removal. While most other treatments are ineffective or lead to other health risks, laser treatment for nail fungi is very efficient as it usually only requires one treatment that typically lasts 10 to 20 minutes depending on how many nails need to be treated. During treatment, the laser’s energy gets absorbed by the nail to heat up and kill the fungus concealed in the nail bed. Your clients will be left with healthy nails while hardly experiencing any pain during treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation

Another new treatment for your clinic could be skin rejuvenation which is typically performed on the face, neck and/or hands and usually lasts about 10 minutes. The laser’s light stores heat and is able to plump skin from within. This not only addresses fine lines and wrinkles but also enlarged pores and skin texture. While the treatment is entirely painless, mild side effects can occur. A common effect is a reddening of the skin, similar to if it had been exfoliated.

Woman on the beach

How Laseraid Can Help

While the above-mentioned treatment options already have the potential to add new clients as well as more revenue to your clinic, a Q-Switched laser offers even more possibilities such as treating vascular lesions or active acne. If you have any questions about the Helios III or any other Laseraid device, don’t hesitate to get in touch.