Alma Lasers

Laser hair removal treatments are at their peak of popularity, giving your clinic the opportunity to invest in high-quality lasers to ensure maximum results for your clients. However, with the array of lasers on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for your clinic. With Alma’s outstanding Soprano device range, your practitioners are able to deliver safe and effective treatment results. Alma’s revolutionised and state-of-the-art treatments allow for enjoyable and efficient services for both the client and the practitioner. At Laseraid, we offer Alma’s Soprano range, including the Soprano ICE, the Soprano ICE Platinum and the Soprano Titanium. This blog will outline the notable differences between each device in order for you to make the right decision for your clinic.

The Alma Soprano Range

Each Soprano device has its own unique features. However, every device is powered by Alma’s SHR™ trademark technology, developed back in 2006, to ensure maximum results with virtually no pain. With Alma’s SHR™ technology, heat is gradually applied to the target skin area. Due to this gradient heat exposure, hair follicles are destroyed while the surrounding tissue is left unharmed. This is achieved by a diode laser with a high repetition rate and lower energy output, providing a less painful experience than conventional treatment methods. During treatment, the practitioner uses a so-called “in-motion” technique, gliding the laser applicator over the patient’s skin, which not only ensures better coverage but also minimises the risk of burns.

The Soprano ICE:

The all-in-one Soprano ICE laser device is capable of utilising the three best laser wavelengths for hair removal through a selection of interchangeable heads. While the Speed 810nm head allows for less treatment time thanks to its large applicator, the Compact 810nm ensures maximum comfort throughout treatment with its easy-to-use, lightweight head. Due to the Alex 755nm head’s energy absorption, it is safe to use on lighter skin tones, whereas the YAG 1064nm offers safe treatments for people with darker skin tones. Additional treatment areas, such as nostrils, ears and glabella, can be reached with the facial tip head. The Soprano ICE comes with Alma’s advanced ICETM cooling technology, allowing for maximum client comfort during treatment along with effective results. This innovative contact cooling technology maintains heat within the dermis and the treated hair follicles while simultaneously cooling the surface of the skin to avoid painful burning of the skin. The Soprano ICE multi-package provides a wide range of treatment options for all skin and hair types all year round.

Soprano ICE

The Soprano ICE Platinum:

Providing three wavelengths simultaneously with a single applicator, the Soprano ICE Platinum offers one of the most advanced solutions for hair removal treatment. In one treatment session, different tissue depths can be targeted at the same time, thanks to the trio clustered diode technology. The Platinum Trio head combines the Alex 755nm, the Speed 810nm and the YAG 1064nm in one revolutionary head, allowing for more effective and time-saving treatments. Treating different skin and hair types is even more straightforward with the Soprano ICE Platinum utilising the three different wavelengths suitable for all skin types, all year round. With a spot size of 2cm², large areas such as the legs, back and chest can be treated even quicker, making treatments even more efficient. Like the Soprano ICE, the Platinum comes equipped with Alma’s advanced ICETM cooling technology, ensuring safe and effective treatments while remaining virtually painless.

Alma Soprano Titanium

The Alma Soprano Titanium:

Compared to its predecessors, the 5th generation of the Soprano laser devices, the Soprano Titanium comes with several new features. Similarly to the Soprano ICE Platinum, the Titanium device also comes with a Trio head, combining the three most effective laser wavelengths for hair removal, the 755nm Alexandrite laser, an 810nm Diode, and a 1064nm YAG laser, into one. With the Titaniums 4cm² spot size applicator, however, treatment times can be reduced by nearly 40%, resulting in even more efficient laser treatments. Patients will have to spend less time in the chair, giving you the opportunity to treat more clients within your opening hours. To achieve optimum results and client satisfaction, faster treatment times are combined with Alma’s ICE PLUS technology to keep the skin’s surface cool, making it a completely painless experience. The Soprano Titanium comes with an advanced user interface, allowing practitioners to use fixed treatment grid sizes depending on the patient’s body size as well as preset parameters for treating skin tones I-VI. With Alma’s Smart Clinic, you’ll be able to monitor the device’s usage rates, whether it is just one clinic or a chain, along with logging patient treatment progress.