As the demand for aesthetic laser treatments continues to rise, investing in advanced laser technology can offer you a great opportunity to provide your clients with safe and effective treatments, while also building a loyal customer base. One such technology is the Cynosure Elite laser.

This medical device has become increasingly popular for its ability to deliver excellent results for various skin types and hair colours as well as provide a wide range of treatment options. In this blog we will take a closer look at the Cynosure Elite laser, its unique features and the benefits it will provide to your clinic.

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The Cynosure Elite+ Technology

The state-of-the-art Cynosure Elite+ laser utilises a dual-wavelength technology to provide safe and effective treatments. This dual-wavelength system allows the practitioner to administer two different wavelengths simultaneously. The Cynosure Elite+ combines the Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd:YAG (1064nm) lasers, making it a versatile and effective tool to treat a range of skin types and hair colours.

The Alexandrite laser utilises a crystal of the same name as its laser medium. This crystal enables the laser to emit infrared light at a precise wavelength of 755nm, which has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in treating a wide range of conditions, including tattoo removal, vascular lesions, and hair removal. Additionally, the Alexandrite wavelength is highly effective for treating lighter skin types and finer hair but is also suitable for most skin types.

With the Nd:YAG laser, a diode technology is used to produce an exact wavelength of 1064nm. A variety of treatment indications can be treated with great efficacy due to the laser’s exceptional power output. It is also considered to be the safest laser for darker skin types and coarser hair. The combination of both wavelengths in the Cynosure Elite+ laser allows for customised treatments for each patient, providing effective results regardless of your client’s skin tone or hair colour.

The device also features advanced cooling technology, which cools the skin before, during, and after each pulse of light. This reduces any discomfort during the treatment and minimises the risk of burns or other side effects. The cooling technology in the Cynosure Elite+ laser is achieved through a unique sapphire cooling plate, which continuously cools the skin as it moves across the treatment area.

Another key feature of the Cynosure Elite+ laser is its high-powered pulses of light, which allow for fast and efficient treatments. The energy is emitted in pulses of just a few milliseconds and repeated at a high frequency, allowing practitioners to treat large areas of the body quickly and efficiently.

Interested in the Cynosure Elite+?

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Benefits Of Investing In The Cynosure Elite+

    1. Versatility: Due to its dual-wavelength technology, the Cynosure Elite+ laser is a versatile device that can deliver multiple treatments, including laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation. This allows you to offer multiple services to your clients using only one machine.
    1. Customisable treatments: The device’s dual-wavelength technology also allows for customised treatments for each client. Adjusting the wavelength and energy level to meet each client’s unique needs ensures the best possible results and client satisfaction.
    1. Effective for all skin types: Another key benefit of the Cynosure Elite+ laser’s dual-wavelength technology is its effectiveness for all skin and hair types, including darker skin tones and coarser hair. This will allow you to offer laser treatments to a broader range of clients and expand your customer base.
    1. Fast and efficient treatments: The laser’s high-powered pulses of light, advanced cooling technology, and large spot size make treatments fast and efficient, allowing you to serve more clients in less time.
    1. Return on investment: The Cynosure Elite+ laser offers an excellent investment for your clinic, with the potential for significant returns on investment. With the growing demand for laser treatments, the Cynosure Elite’s versatility, customisation, and effectiveness can help you attract new clients and build a loyal client base. 

Treatment Options

The Cynosure Elite+ laser is a highly versatile device that not only provides safe and effective treatments on all skin types but also offers a wide range of treatment options. Its dual-wavelength technology along with high-powered pulses demonstrates remarkable efficacy in treating a wide range of indications resulting in multiple revenue streams for your clinic. Treatment options provided by the Cynosure Elite+ include:

    • Laser Hair Removal
    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Vascular Lesions
    • Epidermal Pigment 
    • Photo Aged Skin Correction
    • Tattoo Removal


The Cynosure Elite+ laser, equipped with dual-wavelength technology, offers a wide range of treatment options that reliably deliver safe and effective results across all skin types. By investing in this laser, you can increase your revenue streams while building a loyal client base that values the exceptional quality and versatility of your laser treatments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your clinic to the next level with the Cynosure Elite+ laser and find out more about the device and Laseraid’s subscription options here