In the ever-evolving realm of skincare, the common concern of enlarged pores, especially in those with oily skin, is a prevalent issue that affects people of all genders and age groups. These small openings on our skin, known as pores, are vital for maintaining healthy skin, regulating body temperature, and facilitating the body’s natural oil secretion.

However, when these facial pores become larger than desired, it can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and a decline in confidence. To address this concern effectively, it’s crucial to understand the factors contributing to enlarged pores and offer treatments that promote skin health and rejuvenation.

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Understanding Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores or dilated pores are those tiny but very noticeable openings on the skin’s surface that can affect people of all ages and skin types. It can be a source of frustration for many who are seeking smooth and flawless skin. In order to provide effective treatments, it is essential to understand the underlying factors contributing to the appearance of enlarged pores.

Genetics play a significant role in the size and appearance of pores. While some people naturally inherit smaller, less visible pores, others are predisposed to larger pores. Additionally, as we get older, our skin gradually loses more collagen and elastin fibres, which keep our skin firm and tight. This reduction results in a decrease in the skin’s ability to support the pore walls, consequently leading to more noticeable and larger pores.

Another factor contributing to more prominent and larger pores is excessive sebum production. Sebum is an oily substance lubricating and protecting the skin. However, an overproduction of sebum can lead to clogged pores and blackheads, leading to enlarged pores. Environmental factors such as prolonged sun exposure and pollution, can also exacerbate this problem by damaging the skin’s structure and clogging pores.

Treatment Options

There are several treatment options to address enlarged pores. At-home skincare remedies may include chemical exfoliation with products containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), topical retinoids, and regular use of sunscreen to prevent pore blockages and improve skin texture. While these treatments will help reduce the overall appearance of enlarged pores when used frequently, long-term improvement can be guaranteed with professional treatments such as:

Laser Treatments:

Laser therapies, such as fractional laser resurfacing, are a popular treatment option to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. The laser treatment works by stimulating collagen production, which improves skin elasticity, texture, and firmness, resulting in skin rejuvenation. When the skin heals, the pores become smaller and less noticeable.   The benefits of laser therapy are it allows for precise targeting of specific skin concerns, such as enlarged pores without affecting the surrounding skin as well as requires minimal to no downtime, making it a convenient option for busy bees.

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Using a specialised device, microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin’s surface, improving its texture and minimising pore size. It is a non-invasive treatment that can effectively treat mild to moderate cases of enlarged pores.   The advantages of microdermabrasion include exfoliation along with the removal of dead skin cells and the promotion of cell turnover, resulting in unclogged pores and a smoother and more radiant complexion. Additionally, the non-invasive nature of the treatments means less downtime and faster recovery.


Microneedling involves using a device with tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin. This process triggers collagen production, which can help tighten the skin, improve its texture and reduce pore size. With little downtime due to the treatment being non-invasive, busy clients can also benefit from this treatment.

Radiofrequency (RF) Treatments:

RF treatments use energy to heat the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production and tightening loose or sagging skin. As the skin tightens, the appearance of enlarged pores can be minimised leading to smoother, more refined skin. RF treatments offer the benefits of non-surgical skin rejuvenation without the possible downsides of an invasive approach.

The Advantages of Offering Enlarged Pore Treatments

  1. Meet Growing Demand: As enlarged pores are a common skincare issue, the need for effective treatments is continually increasing. By offering such specialised solutions, you can serve a wider clientele and attract new clients seeking to address this specific issue.
  1. Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Providing efficient treatments for enlarged pores may result in improved client satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to refer your clinic to friends and family as well as return for additional treatments, which can contribute to your clinic’s reputation and growth.
  1. Differentiation and Competitive Edge: By offering enlarged pore treatments, you can set your clinic apart from others in the competitive skincare industry. Providing specialised services can be a significant differentiator, allowing your clinic to stand out and attract more clients.
  1. Complementary Treatments: Other skin care services offered at your clinic, such as facials, chemical peels, or other laser therapies can be combined with enlarged pore treatments. This allows for comprehensive treatment plans addressing various skin concerns and giving your clients access to a more complete skin care regimen.
  1. Increased Revenue Streams: As with any other new addition to your clinic menu, enlarged pores treatment will allow you to generate additional income. As the demand for these treatments continues to rise, offering them might lead to more appointment bookings and income generation.

How Laseraid’s Device Selection Can Help

Offering specialised enlarged pore treatments can elevate your clinic to a new potential of success and client satisfaction. Treatments such as laser therapy, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and radiofrequency effectively target enlarged pores, stimulate collagen production, and overall improve skin texture. However, to cater to your clients’ wants and needs with excellence, advanced laser equipment and professional expertise are required. At Laseraid, we offer three outstanding laser devices that will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure safe and effective treatments for enlarged pores.

Helios III:

The Helios III is a state-of-the-art Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser with dual wavelengths (1064nm & 532nm) capable of providing you with a range of customisable treatments. Equipped with different handpieces, the Helios III excels at treatments such as tattoo removal, acne treatments, and laser skin resurfacing. To find out more about this device and what it’ll bring to your clinic, visit our device page.


Préime DermaFacial:

With the Préime DermaFacial, you will have the world’s most advanced aesthetic facial device at your dispense. Featuring five powerful technologies (AquaB, VibroX, Collagen+, MicroT, and UltraB), this platform empowers skincare experts to deliver proven and consistent results for their clients. With its versatility and ease of use, practitioners can administer a range of effective skin treatments, ensuring optimal outcomes for their clients. Visit our device page to find out what this advanced device can offer your clinic.


By combining sophisticated continuous and pulsed radio wave frequencies, the SylfirmX radiofrequency microneedling system achieves unparalleled results through a variety of skin treatments. Unlike conventional RF microneedling systems, the SylfirmX provides practitioners with complete control, allowing for customisable and gentle treatments tailored to each clients’ unique needs. Head to our device page and discover the SylfirmX’s power to transform anyone’s skin.


In the pursuit of flawless skin and radiant beauty, investing in new cutting-edge technology means investing in the well-being and happiness of your clients. As the skincare industry continues to evolve, offering enlarged pore treatments is a progressive step to promote overall skin health and confidence in your clients as well as set yourself apart from your competitors. Take advantage of offering enlarged pore treatments and get in touch with us to find the perfect device match for your clinic.