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Who Are Laseraid UK?

Laseraid UK has grown from the pioneering success of Laseraid Australia. Since 2007 Laseraid Australia has provided aesthetic laser clinic owners with a ‘one-stop-shop’ to grow their business.

Whether a current or an aspiring clinic owner, Laseraid provides affordable access to premium laser equipment and support services. This relieves clinic owners of the hefty costs of owning machinery – the biggest obstacle to limit business growth.

How Laseraid Can Help You

Laseraid provides options to rent or buy laser equipment from some of the leading manufacturers. As a result, clinic owners receive the complete package of top-quality technology, training and support services to up-skill their teams and increase their profits.

Our range of equipment currently covers laser hair and tattoo removal, cooling machinery, together with the complete array of day-to-day consumable products. All Laseraid equipment comes from the most reputable aesthetic laser manufacturers. We also provide servicing to the highest standards by our manufacturer-trained technicians.

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