The Beco Medical Group are experts in the development and manufacturing of medical and aesthetic devices.

Beco offers devices that allow practitioners to provide a safe, efficient and profitable service to their clientele. While clients enjoy effective, state-of-the-art treatments, clinically proven to give results.

A legacy of innovating medical aesthetic treatment solutions that change lives.

Our Beco Devices

Cryo Cool Cryolipolysis

Beco Cryo Cool

A hands-free and painless, non-invasive body shaping, fat freezing and drainage treatment.

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Laseraid does not represent any of the manufacturers on this page or offer for sale any brand new devices. Laseraid specialises in providing independent business owners access to affordable laser devices, and we do this by carefully selecting pre owned devices which we inspect, purchase, refurbish, fully service, and offer for sale or rent.