Creating Effective Treatment & Promotional Packages

As a clinic owner, you will understand how important it is to stand out from the crowd. While there are many ways to do this, one of the most effective ways is to create effective promotions and packages. These can be a combination of treatment types, a number of treatments, or promotional packages - the idea of a package is to ultimately give the customer a good deal. Today we are going to take a look at how you can start creating effective treatment or promotional packages for your clinic to help retain or even grow your customer base. What Can a Package Include? This is where you can get creative! Put yourself in your customer's shoes and ask yourself what would make you choose your clinic over your competitors. The more imaginative you are with your package ideas and the more you research your target audience, the more effective your packages will be. Most clinics will typically offer a certain number of treatments for a (reduced) fixed price, and this is a good idea for a few reasons. Firstly, you will get the treatment cost upfront for the treatments you're offering. And secondly, your customers will be satisfied they are [...]

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Laser Hair Removal Device Training

Becoming a laser hair removal technician, owning your own laser hair removal clinic is an exciting and fruitful career choice. This increasingly popular industry is flooded with clients and endless opportunities for growth and development. Laser hair removal devices represent years of research and contain some of the most cutting-edge aesthetic equipment available, so appropriate training is a must. Laser hair removal technicians use laser and intense pulse light (IPL) devices to safely and effectively remove unwanted body hair from clients. Using these powerful machines gives a laser technician the ability to provide life-changing results to any one of their clients. Being a highly specialised area of the beauty industry, laser device training is thorough. Successful completion of laser device training courses will give the newly qualified laser technician a highly regarded qualification that can be used all over the world. What Does it Take To Be a Laser Technician? To operate professional-grade laser hair removal equipment, you must be fully qualified with a recognised certificate of competence. Throughout the entire professional aesthetics industry technicians take a huge amount of pride in their work to improve the lives of their clients - professional laser hair removal is no exception. Laser hair [...]

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Using Lasers to Treat Skin Conditions

The use of laser devices for the treatment of skin conditions is becoming increasingly popular in the laser treatment industry. Laser devices provide a non-invasive but highly effective form of skin treatment, which is both quick and virtually painless for the patient. Lasers are effective at treating conditions involving an excessive number of blood vessels, pigmentation issues (including tattoos), scar treatment, tumours, wrinkles, and inflammatory skin lesions. As laser knowledge develops this list is set to expand even further, opening the doors to an even bigger laser skin treatment market. What is Laser Treatment For Skin Conditions? Laser devices are being used for a multitude of skin condition treatments. These can include treatment to ease pain, reduce inflammation, and even stimulate healing. The process involved in skin treatment through laser application has helped to reduce treatment times while ensuring minimum discomfort to the patient. Intense pulse light (IPL) lasers use high-energy light pulses to either fix or aid the regeneration of skin cells. This non-invasive therapy can be targeted accurately and provides real-time results for the patient. What Skin Conditions Can Be Treated By Lasers? Laser treatment can correct a variety of skin conditions while helping with the associated side effects. [...]

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IPL Vs Laser Treatment

The rivalry between IPL and Laser Hair Removal treatment continues, but which one is truly better for both the client, and you as a clinic owner? You will find the internet is littered with articles extolling the virtues of both Intense Pulsed Light and laser hair removal. But more often than not these articles will be totally contradictory based on what is being sold. Today’s article will give an in-depth comparison between the two forms of hair removal treatments, detailing their advantages and disadvantages. We will look at the differences in experience for both the customer and clinic owner, and how these experiences can affect the performance of your clinic. How Do IPL & Laser Hair Removal Treatments Work? Intense Pulse Light Technology (IPL) and Laser treatments both have the same goal in mind, they are both forms of hair removal treatment which use a process called selective photo thermolysis. This targets melanin and heats up the cells in the hair follicle causing them to reduce the rate in which hair grows. The difference between the two becomes evident when you examine how this process is complete. It is easy to assume because both forms of treatment involve the use of light, they are doing the [...]

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