Fat Freezing Devices

Our fat-freezing devices are capable of delivering fast and effective treatments all over the body. Laseraid fat-freezing devices can be used to target specific areas of the body to destroy fat cells and allow for natural body contouring. Backed by thousands of hours of research, our body contouring devices merge an intuitive interface with outstanding performance to ensure excellent results every time.

Fat freezing allows patients more control over their bodies. Effective body contouring can be achieved by targeting specific fatty deposits over the body. Fat freezing also allows patients a faster way of targeting more stubborn areas of fat.

Fat Freezing

Our multi function laser vein treatment devices deliver the most modern and effective vascular lesion treatments globally. Our vascular treatment devices deliver unmatched performance to both you and your customer in a safe, controlled, and effective way.


Body Contouring


Our Laser Devices

Beco CryoCool Max

Beco Cryo Cool Max

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