Laseraid FAQs

Have any questions? We might already have the answers. Check out our frequently asked questions below, or if you have any questions we haven’t answered yet don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yes. Servicing is included as part of your subscription agreement, and completed by our expertly trained laser professionals.

We have a comprehensive support system for new clinics. This includes marketing, training, mentoring, and more. Head over to our "Aspiring Clinic Owner" page for more details.

Yes we do! Check out our online store.

Subscriptions are a minimum 12-month commitment. You pay a fee weekly and this includes delivery, installation, and a warranty agreement. Should you do it? Just work out how many treatments you'll be doing each week, and the average amount you'll charge. Is that number lower than the rental fee? If so, you're on the right track.

We do! Well, whenever we can. We have preferred arrangements with some manufacturers, so there may be instances when we'll use other technicians so as not to void your warranty. But, we should always be your first call.

The initial term is shorter than you think: 12 months which also includes all your servicing needs. Obviously, we hope you’ll be a Laseraid member for years to come, but if you want to stop your rental after 12 months, that’s fine too.

We can help with training and ongoing upskilling. We provide onsite training for clients, and training sessions in our office. We're also putting together online options, so stay tuned.

Maybe. We're pretty rigorous about the types of devices we purchase (if you've got a Candela Pro series, we'd love to hear about it). We also offer 'Buyback' which means you sell us your device, and we rent it back to you.

Our first preference is to deliver and install the devices. If you're in a regional area, we'll often fly in to do this. If you're wondering if you fall outside of available areas, just give us a call.

It depends on the device. We'll stock brand new (and have preferred partnerships) if there's enough value for our clients. Otherwise, we refurbish second-hand devices.

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