Spectrum LED Phototherapy Lamp

A dynamic LED skincare solution.

Discover the treatment potential of LED photodynamic therapy. The Spectrum LED phototherapy lamp uses advanced LED light frequencies to improve skin quality and treat a variety of skin conditions.

The Spectrum LED lamp uses a semiconductor to emit a single light wavelength through an external electric field. The electric field acts on this light to produce different LED wavelengths with varying intensity which give energy to the surface of the skin which is then exposed to the patient through the five articulated LED panels.

LED photodynamic therapy has been used for years for its beneficial qualities. Photodynamic therapy transfers energy to the skin surface which can aid in wound healing, muscle regeneration, acne reduction, fine line & wrinkle reduction, and many more skin rejuvenating treatments.

Spectrum LED Light Therapy




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Device Features

Painless Treatment

Large user-friendly display and zero-gravity arm for flexible positioning and complete ease of use.

All Skin Types

The Spectrum LED produces powerful LED light wavelengths to deliver varying amounts of energy to the skin.

Treatment Time

Ultra-large treatment area of with five articulated LED panels deliver treatments quickly and effectively.

All Hair Types

Uniform irradiation area delivered through red (633nm), blue (417nm), and infrared (850nm) LEDs.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is an effective treatment delivered as little as in 15 minutes. Unlike other high-intensity wavelength treatments (such as laser therapy) LED light therapy allows the client to sit upright in a comfortable chair – as long as the treatment area can be accessed. The use of different LED light frequencies allows energy to penetrate at different depths in the skin, this allows the practitioner to precisely target the desired treatment area.

Alma Soprano ICE Platinum Head
SMR by Alma

Spectrum LED Treatment Head

The high intensity LED treatment head is fitted with LED chips to provide a uniform, high intensity treatment beam. LED phototherapy treatment is suitable for treating a range of skin conditions including acne, inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, Actinic Keratosis and other skin cancer, And also for speeding up wound healing process is. The treatment had on this device can also be changed in order to offer a wider range of treatment choices.

Spectrum LED Therapy FAQs

Find the answers to your questions about the Spectrum LED Therapy device you are looking for.

The Spectrum LED device uses advanced LED light technology to provide effective treatment for a variety of skin conditions, and improve overall skin health. The Spectrum LED therapy device uses varying LED light wavelengths which can be adjusted easily through the intuitive user interface, allowing the practitioner to deliver bespoke treatment with minimal input.
LED light therapy is a non-invasive form of skin treatment, originally studied in the 1990’s by NASA for its wound-healing benefits for astronauts. Since then, LED light therapy has developed to be able to treat a variety of conditions and promote skin health. Treatment uses varying LED wavelengths to produce blue, yellow, red, and infrared LED light.

  • Blue light: targets the upper layers of the skin for the treatment of conditions such as acne
  • Yellow light: penetrates deeper into the skin than blue light for the treatment of superficial concerns.
  • Red light: penetrates slightly deeper than yellow light to reduce inflammation and promote collagen production.
  • Infrared light: penetrates deepest into skin tissue to target blood vessels.

Bespoke treatments are easily achieved to address the patients specific needs.

The Spectrum LED Phototherapy Lamp is safe to be used on all Fitzpatrick scale skin types (I-VI) for regular use.
The Spectrum LED Phototherapy Lamp can be used on all areas of the body. The patient is required to wear protective eyewear during treatment.
LED light therapy has been found to have multiple benefits for the treatment of skin conditions and for promoting healthy skin. The Spectrum LED Phototherapy Lamp can be used in conjunction with other treatments to maximise results for the patient.
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