Tattoo Removal Devices

Laseraid provide the best in tattoo removal laser devices on the market for effective removal of tattoos (black and blue pigment). Our quality devices allow you to deliver treatment to your patient quickly, effectively and safely. The devices ensure patient comfort through continuous skin cooling, resulting in a virtually painless treatment procedure.

Tattoo Removal

Deliver Nd:YAG 1064nm and 532nm

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Helios III Laser Device

Helios III

Professional Tattoo Removal Machines

Tattoos are becoming increasingly common, with 1/5 of UK adults now having them. With such a large portion of the population now having this type of body art, the frequency of people looking for tattoo removal or alteration has also risen rapidly.

Professional laser tattoo removal devices offer the only effective solution for unwanted tattoos. Lasers from Laseraid provide powerful outputs that can be tailored to target specific pigments with pinpoint accuracy. Patients experience maximum comfort throughout all tattoo removal treatments as continuous skin cooling sooths the area being treated while the laser breaks down tattoo pigment.

Laseraid tattoo removal machines give practitioners a versatile but easy-to-use tattoo removal platform that is also capable of treating a wide range of other conditions or concerns. Excellent safety standards ensure safe operation of our tattoo removal devices on all skin types to make treatments accessible to a wide range of people.

Tattoo Removal Device FAQs

Find the answers to your questions about tattoo removal devices that you are looking for.

Tattoo removal devices are used to break down tattoo pigment in order to remove or alter unwanted tattoos. Tattoo removal is an increasingly popular treatment that is sought after throughout the UK more and more each year.
Tattoo removal devices give your clinic the ability to offer one of the most popular laser treatments that are available. As more and more people are getting tattoos, there has also been a dramatic increase in demand for professional tattoo removal treatments.

Laser tattoo removal employs specialised laser wavelengths to break down tattoo pigments, generating heat that shatters the ink into smaller fragments, which the body’s immune system then gradually clears over multiple sessions. The specific laser used depends on the tattoo’s colours.

Laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable and may cause mild to moderate pain during the procedure. Some people may find the sensation similar to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin or experiencing a stinging sensation. However, the discomfort can vary based on individual pain tolerance and the location of the tattoo. Our devices offer continuous skin cooling to help reduce pain, while it is also possible to apply anaesthetic gel to further reduce the pain.

The number of sessions required for laser tattoo removal varies widely depending on factors such as the tattoo’s size, colors, ink depth, and individual skin characteristics. Generally, it takes multiple sessions to achieve significant fading or complete removal. 

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